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Cataract Surgery Tips for the Prospective Patient

Cataract surgery is something that you might undergo when you realize that your vision is blurring. You will see a fog on your eyes that must be removed in a special surgery, and you will find that you must go through a few steps before the surgery is completed. Someone who is trying to change the way that they feel about their eyesight must speak to a doctor and follow the steps carefully.

Get Assessed 

The assessment for cataract surgery nashville tn is one that you must have done as soon as possible. The people who are assessed are told how their cataracts look, if they need surgery, and how involved the surgery will be. Every surgery is a bit different, and you must have the surgeon explain to you how your cataracts will be removed. Someone who has never had this done before might be confused by the process, and you should plan accordingly.

Have Tests Done 

You might need to have tests done before the procedure because you must know if you qualify from a health perspective. The person who is going out for tests might learn if they need to have other medical procedures done, and you should work with your general practitioner if they have ideas for helping you get ready for cataract surgery. There might also be less invasive options for your surgery that will help you feel your best.

Plan a Time for the Surgery 

You must plan a time for the surgery when you can have someone with you. The person who comes with you must be able to help you when you get home. You should not drive the first few days because that will help you remain safe, and you will discover that most people who are recovering has a couple days of odd vision because they are getting used to life without cataracts. This is completely normal, and you will have a follow-up with your doctor once you have recovered.

Attend the Follow-Up Appointment 

You must go to the follow-up appointment for your surgeon to check your eyes. They will let you know how you are progressing, and they will do the standard eye tests that you are used to. This is something that you can handle fairly easily because you simply have them tell you if you need to do anything else to recover. They might give you eyedrops or pain medication, or they could clear you to drive.


You should wear sunglasses because your eyes could be sensitive for weeks after the surgery. You want to be careful with yourself so that you do not have any problems when you are recovering. Sunglasses are a good precaution that will cut down on pain and strain. There are many ways for you to regain your vision, but a cataract surgery is often needed because you have that film over your eyes that must be removed. Speak to the surgeon today about your eligibility.…